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We help utilities to digitalize their customer base

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With more informed households, less customer service is needed

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Manual DR decreases consumption

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Our tool helps households to decrease their energy consumption

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We provide utilities and households with big data analytics

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Our tool brings new information to light and help households grasp their consumption.

Meet the Team

Meet the people behind Greenely

Tanmoy Bari


" I'm a person that live my life happy by connecting to the maximum amount of good people across the world. "

Muhammad Al Abassi

R&D Manager

“ I’ve always been fascinated by the startup world so it’s really fun to now be a part of that! ”

Fredrik Hagblom

Product Manager

" I am a calm and thoughtful person who likes to learn from others "

Christina Skoglund

Business Developer

" I am a happy person and have an intense passion for smart meters "

Ikram Ullah

Senior Data Scientist

" I love solving puzzles, watching champions league games and playing good-old Super Mario! "

Anand Bhaskaran

Web Developer

" I am a happy person and love solving the challenges in innovation that makes tomorrow better! "

Eric Leijonmarck

Data Scientist

" My goal is to simplify complexity. I want to create solutions that simplifies our base human interaction "

Filotas Siskos

Back-end Developer

" My goal an achievement, my passion a challenge, my life an adventure "

Hadar Greinsmark

Back-end Developer

" Entrepreneurship is a kind of social responsibility that liberates society from old ways of thinking "

Anton Holmberg

Lead Programmer

" I'm a programmer that loves climbing, music and scuba diving "

Henry Ihionu

Behavioral Scientist

" I am passionately driven and am interested in environment and sustainability. I love to work from people across the world "

Mahan Tourkaman

Android Developer

" I am professionally curious, love problem solving and enjoy viewing things from new angles through photography "


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