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Many are curious about Greenely, which has led to longer waiting times at support. We have collected answers to all possible questions here

Identification process

Why we require identification

Energy consumption is classified as personal data in the United Kingdom. Because of this we are required under the Smart energy code ( SEC ) to make sure the person requesting the information is who they claim to be. We are using a service called Passbase to verify our users to make sure the person that is using our service is in fact the one on the electricity contract.

The service works by asking users to take a live photo of their face (a “selfie”) and a photo of their driver's license.

The data is directly uploaded to Passbase’s systems where they verify the authenticity of the document and compare the picture on the ID with the “selfie” photo to make sure the person’s face matches the one on the driver's license.

If you do not have a drivers license or the old driver's license without a photo, you can contact our support with a picture of your passport and a utility bill where your name and adress is stated.