Greenely is one of the fastest growing energy companies right now

We ended the first quarter of the year with around ~200% YoY growth compared to the same period last year. It also included a new monthly record of customer signed in March.

Greenely launches new revenue stream - virtual power plants!

We’re excited to share that Greenely is now live with Greenely Virtual Power that includes over 100+ EV chargers currently delivering flexibility services to the Swedish TSO, Svenska Kraftnät!

Greenely unveils several new integrations!

Greenely releases several new integrations for smart heating and smart car charging adding to the rapid development of Greenely Connect!

These are the newly released integrations in the Greenely App: 

  • Høiax
  • CTC
  • Nibe S-Series
  • Zaptec

We're also working on a set of new integrations including new categories which will be announced soon.

Greenely smart charging just got smarter!

Advanced smart charging launched in beta! - Greenely can now optimize charging for your EV based on several days price projection data. This means that the consumers can now expect to lower their cost of charging their EV even further and increase the lifetime of the car’s battery by skipping to charge during expensive days - all taken care of by Greenely’s algorithms

Tracking of car charging  - you can now also track your car charging over time in both SEK and kWh in the data view with a lot of other set of data streams such as outdoor temperature and electricity prices

Greenely seen in press!

Greenely’s is pushing information to the public about why flexibility services is needed to create a robust energy system that can add more renewables faster. This is being picked up by several prominent media outlets both in nationally and internationally!

First ever TV commercial! 

Greenely is now live with its first ever TV commercial and radio commercial nationally! You'll see a lot of Greenely moving forward!